Maison Lucchezi School online
September 12 - October 8, 2024
A unique opportunity to study personally with Natalia Lucchezi in a mini-group
Maison Lucchezi School online
About the course
From September March 2024, Natalia Lucchezi, a professional decorator, author of her own book on table setting and founder of the International School Art de la Table, will conduct autumn session of her author's course on table setting in an online format.

This is a unique opportunity to learn all the most important things about table decoration in personal classes with an international expert in a private group of like-minded participants.

Natalia will share the deepest knowledge that she personally gathered from the original sources on the theory of Art de la Table, as well as from her own long-term practice of working as a table decorator at events of the highest level.
You will receive unique knowledge that will allow you to transform your daily life and take the first steps in a new profession!
Tuesday, September 17, lesson N1
Introduction and theme "The history of etiquette and traditions of French hospitality as a standard of l'art de la table"

Thursday, September 19, lesson N2
Theme "Decorator's Tools"

Saturday, September 21, lesson N3
Theme "Algebra and geometry of table setting"

Tuesday, September 24, lesson N4
Theme "Breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea, coffee, dessert, spirits - traditions and subtleties of serving"

Thursday, September 26, lesson N5
Theme "Creativity in table decor"

Saturday, September 28, lesson N6
Discussion "The main secrets of a successful serving. Great brands. Questions and answers based on the results of the course". Final assignment based on course materials

Tuesday, October 1, extra-curriculum activity

Session with co-founder and Managing Director of Maison Lucchezi Anna Kakalia "The way of Maison Lucchezi from an idea to an international brand - personal experience and recommendations for aspiring entrepreneurs"

Saturday, October 5, Defense
Presentation of the final works by the course participants

Thursday, October 8, Graduation
Analysis of the final works. Completion of the course

Classes start at 18.00 Paris time. Check your time zone for personal curriculum scheduling

According to the results of the analysis of each topic, mandatory homework is assumed

The course on Art de la Table by Natalia Lucchezi is a concentrate of expert knowledge and experience, previously available exclusively in offline and 1-to-1 format
zoom lessons in a mini-group
1 290
2 700
the standard cost of the course in an individual format
Attention: registration for the course does not guarantee participation. The formation of the group will take place after a personal interview with a representative of Maison Lucchezi
The Art de la Table program in a mini-group has all the advantages of individual classes with the opportunity to communicate with like-minded students. Perhaps this is where you will find your future business partner in the field of table decor
Students' works on the course
How are classes going?
Maison Lucchezi
Classes are held in real time in the Zoom app with the personal participation of Natalia Lucchezi. Each lesson assumes a basic theoretical block, as well as a group analysis of practical tasks of participants. The starting time of the sessions is 18.00 Paris time. Calculate the time according to your time zone for scheduling.
How long does one lesson last?
Maison Lucchezi:
One lesson lasts an average of 1.5 hours. But it is better to lay at least 2 hours to be able to discuss issues
Will the recording of lessons be available?
Maison Lucchezi
No, this course implies the full involvement of participants. We count on a responsible approach, which pre-supposes the ability to allocate time in your schedule to attend lessons and to complete tasks. This corresponds to the standard format of any offline training. In addition, this is copyrighted material that we cannot put at risk of illegal distribution.
What should I do if I missed a lesson?
Maison Lucchezi
Missed lessons are not compensated or replenished. If there is time in Natalia's schedule, we can offer additional individual classes on missed topics, which are paid separately
How can I get on the course?
Maison Lucchezi
First stage: application through the website maison-lucchezi.com
Second stage: a personal telephone conversation with a representative of Maison Lucchezi
Third stage: signing of the contract and full payment for the course
Fourth stage: the beginning of training
Will there be any document issued about the course completion?
Maison Lucchezi
Yes, at the end of the course, participants will receive an electronic personal Certificate of completion of the course. A prerequisite is the successful completion of the final work on the course materials
What payment methods are possible?
Maison Lucchezi
1) in euros via PayPal
2) in rubles at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the day of payment
3) by bank transfer in euros via the SWIFT system on an individual account
Contact us if you have any questions or difficulties
Do I need a lot of dishes to do my homework?
Maison Lucchezi
No, the dishes that you have at home or in another place at hand are enough for homework. One of the objectives of the course is to develop creative thinking in table decoration. If you have been thinking about replenishing your dining wardrobe, we recommend that you do this after completing the main block of the course
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