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Online lecture cycle on the history of Art de la Table with Natalia Lucchezi
Dive into the world art of hospitality with a leading international expert
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About the cycle of lectures
Have you ever dreamed of being at the same table with the great personalities of the past? Immerse yourself in the traditions and ceremonies of monarchs and aristocracy? To understand the intricacies of etiquette of different cultures?

French kings and queens, monarchs and aristocracy of Great Britain, the royal family of the Russian Empire, great chefs, big names behind the great brands of Art de la Table - all this awaits you in 2024 at the author's series of online lectures from Natalia Lucchezi.

We assign you rendez-vous every last Wednesday of the month at 18.00 Paris time. Spend this time with pleasure and benefit!

Language - Russian.

May 29
Feb 28

Lectures Plan 2024

Jan 24
Lectures are scheduled for the last Wednesday of each month.
Format - personally in zoom.
"At the table with the Queen"
The birth of Art de Vivre and the great ladies of France - Jeanne Du Barry, Marquise de Pompadour, etc.
"The Legacy of the Russian Tsars"
The traditions of the royal families of Russia and their influence on the global fashion of hospitality.
"The Great Brands"
The history of manufacturers who influenced the world of Art de la Table - Baccarat, Christofle, etc.
Lectures with Natalia Lucchezi are unique thematic knowledge and enriching experience. Exploring the history of Art de la Table with Maison Lucchezi is an opportunity to be at the same table with monarchs, aristocrats and great historical figures.
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lecture on 29.05.2024
Q & A
How are the lectures going?
Maison Lucchezi
Lectures are held in real time in the Zoom application with the personal participation of Natalia Lucchezi. The start is at 18.00 Paris time, unless otherwise specified. Calculate the time according to your time zone for scheduling.
How long does one lecture last?
Maison Lucchezi:
One lecture lasts an average of 1.5 hours. But it is better to set at least 2 hours so that you can participate in the question and answer session.
Will the recording be available?
Maison Lucchezi
No, lecture recordings are not intended. This approach corresponds to the standard format of any full-time study. In addition, this is copyrighted material that we cannot put at risk of illegal distribution.
What should I do if I paid but missed the lecture?
Maison Lucchezi
If you have notified the organizers of your inability to attend 72 hours before the start of the lecture, the funds will be fully compensated. In case of notification in a shorter amount of time, but before the start of the lecture, in an exceptional case, the possibility of a one-time transfer of participation to the next lecture is provided. Contacts with the organizers are made by email support@maison-lucchezi.com .
How can I get to the lecture?
Maison Lucchezi
The first stage: registration and payment for participation on the website
The second stage is to receive an invitation link to zoom 24 hours before the start of the lecture
The third stage: personal attendance at the lecture on the designated date
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