Zoom-sessions on how to start and how to develop your business from Anna Kakalia, co-founder and Managing Director of Maison Lucchezi
business consultations
I am Anna Kakalia
co-founder, partner, Managing Director of Maison Lucchezi brand and I have:
15+ years of experience in marketing and business development in the largest international companies – Samsung, Philips, Pfizer, etc.
5 years of experience in the development and launch of Maison Lucchezi brand "from scratch"
Also I'm a Head of educational part of all Maison Lucchezi School projects
I will help you to find answers on:
Been thinking about starting your own business, but don't know exactly how to start?

Have a hobby and dream that it brings earnings?

Some routine dragged you on and you need an inspiration to create something new?

Find out the whole history of the Maison Lucchezzi brand - from its origins to today, from idea to implementation, from hobby to sustainable business model

Get advice specifically for your endeavor from an experienced marketer and a developing entrepreneur

Get first-hand valuable experience in development of Maison Lucchezi brand and projects!
How a session goes:
Adjustable personal schedule
The meeting takes place on the Zoom platform
60-90 minutes duration
450 euro
*when paying in other currency, the calculation is based on the exchange rate of the Central Bank at the time of the payment
60-90 min
Наталья Люккези

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